Welcome to Big Steps, Little Feet Preschool in Reno, Nevada! We believe that a home-based preschool is the best bridge between home and school for a child's first education experience during early childhood. We provide a safe, stimulating, fun, Christian environment filled with child-centered, play-based activities designed to give children the building blocks for a successful kindergarten experience and excitement for lifelong learning.
We encourage the children to actively participate in activities that develop cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and socio-emotional skills.  We actively encourage positive relationship interactions

 where children are able to develop high levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, practicing care and respect for themselves, others and their environment.


We also recognize that parents are the primary educators of children in their early years and hence believe that it is important that parents feel included and involved in their child’s learning and development at pre-school. We encourage strong parent / preschool relationships where parents feel their contribution is valued. Our mission is to provide a high quality early years environment, ensuring that children are happy and growing more involved with their own learning, and that parents are included in their children’s care and education.

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